Hotel concept

Hotel Dom is a member of the foundation «förderraum», which has been providing innovative work, education and housing opportunities for people with learning disabilities since 1998. All members of the «förderraum» foundation share a common philosophy and vision, which is to integrate people with special needs into Society by helping them gain their independence as well as providing them
with a sense of responsibility.

Recognized for their pioneering efforts, Hotel Dom offers some 50 employees work in a meaningful environment best suited to their needs and skills. These jobs include all areas of hotel operation such as hospitality - whether at reception or as part of their guest services team - as a member of the kitchen staff and in all areas of room service. The hotel’s employees are truly committed to the wellbeing
of its hotel guests and they take great pride in knowing their work and kindness is recognized and appreciated.

With the support of professionals in the catering trade and in social pedagogy, employees receive ongoing support and training. In addition, they work to prepare them for future employment opportunities in the private sector.

Another pioneerung activity is an artistic concept created by Hotel Dom, in cooperation with the «Museum im Lagerhaus» in St.Gallen. Some 60 paintings and sculptures from the museum adorn the rooms of the hotel adding to the creative and unique atmosphere offered to its guests.




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